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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Strip Joint, The Abortion Mill, Allah And The Cross

Today was a special cross walk downtown. Got to pray with many individuals, and the response from people passing by was especially invigorating. Hoisted the ten-foot, 60-pound cross upright at the strip club on Golden State Avenue and prayed long and hard, that God brings the owners to repentance--and to Jesus--and that He shows the women that there is a much better life waiting for them in Christ. God wants to shut down all three strip joints in Bakersfield, and He also wants to show the women and men working at and patronizing these places just how much He loves them as well. He also wants to bring them to Jesus and to new life and new beginnings!

Walking south to the abortion clinic on H Street, I joined several brothers and sisters in prayer, that God demolishes the killing mill there. We prayed long and hard for the women who were there to get an abortion, that the Spirit of the living God would speak to them and convince them to let their unborn live. We asked God to bring the abortion doctor to repentance, either through His wrath or through conviction of his heart. We prayed for the healing of all the women who have had an abortion.

Of course there were many other places I stopped to pray, including San Joaquin Community Hospital. As I headed south on H Street a young Muslim named Mohammad asked if he could talk with me. Of course. Muslims like to quote certain New Testament Scriptures to show that Jesus was just a man. They take these verses out of context, of course. I am patient and listen...and even read the verse they point to me. But then I correct them, which confuses Muslims a great deal. Since their  word for God is Allah, I tell them that Jesus is Allah, which really confuses their theology. It's very hard for Muslims to see that God is big enough to die and still be alive at the same time. I told him to ask God to give Him a dream about Jesus being Allah (Muslims are big on dreams and visions). His friend came and told him they had to leave now, so off they went. As I brought the large cross to my shoulder I prayed for Mohammad, that he would become a born-again believer in the God who died on the cross for the world's sins.

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